Тест для школьников 1- 5 классы

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1) What’s your name?
2) How old are you?
4) What colour are your eyes?
3) Have you got a cat?

What’s the weather like?

She has got green _____ and black hair.
Your new question!

Section A

Answer the questions 1-5. Choose the correct answer.

Section B

For sentences 6-10, choose the correct answer.

5) What’s the weather like?
6) She has got green _____ and black hair
7) I’m thirsty. Is there _____ orange juice?
8) Eddy and Oscar ___ making a snowman.
9) I play soccer ____ one o’clock.
10) - Do you know ___?

Section C

For sentences 11-15, choose the correct answer.

11) Can I have a _______ of cola, please?
12) Brenda is buying three ______.
13) We _____ to school on Mondays.
14) _______ milk do we need?
15) You can buy bread in a _______.

Section D

For sentences 16-25, choose the correct answer.

16) Ann _________ shopping every day.
17) We haven’t got _______ apples.

18) “_______ I watch TV?” “No, clean up your room first”

19) Betty is _____ than Jane.
20) I’d like a ________ of milk, please.

21) There is a red car in the street. ______ car belongs to my friend.

22) There _____ a lot of people in the cinema last night.

23) My new flat has central __________ , so it’s really warm.

24) If you give somebody something, e.g. a drink, you say: “­­­­­_________”.

25) Look at the clouds! I think it ______ soon.

What’s the weather like?
<p>There _____ a lot of people in the cinema last night.</p>

Section E

For sentences 26-35, choose the correct answer.

26) Tell me about your holiday in England. What was the weather ______?

27) If you don’t study, you _______ pass the exam.

28) ___________ to London?
29) “Why are you late?” “Because I ________ my bus.”
30) I ___________ in the garden when it started to rain.

31) Yesterday I attended _____ a boring lecture that I nearly fell asleep.

32) Careful students do not _____ mistakes.

33) The window ________ by some boys playing football yesterday morning.

34) “Thank you very much indeed.” “________”

35) Jones is_______ of all the players in our basketball team.