Тест для взрослых


Placement Test A

Choose the correct answer.

1 I            a student of English.

2 This is Carlos. He's            .

3 She's from Tokyo. She            Japanese.

4 They            Spanish. They’re from Italy.

5          ’s your first name? 5 

6 These are your books and            are mine.

7 I love music but I            like TV.

8            she like sport?

9 When            have lunch?

10 Do you like            DVDs?

11 They start            school at 8.00 in the morning.

12 Peter’s            name is Michael.

13 She’s very friendly but she            very quiet.

14 He hasn't got            brothers and sisters.

15 How many children            got?

16 There are a lot of CDs on the            .

17            a sofa and two armchairs in the living room.

18 Are there            wardrobes in the bedroom?

19 The cinema is            the bank.

20 Can I have a            of milk, please?

21 You            buy shoes in a post office.

22 How            vegetables do you eat every day?

23 Is there            butter in the fridge?

24 He            afraid of the dark when he was young.

25 We            born in 1985.

26 My birthday is on September            .

27 They            to France when they were six.

28            did you last see them?

29 They went for a picnic with some friends            Sunday.

30 We went            at the weekend.

31            they do a lot of sport when they were at school?

32 Is Chinese food            than English food?

33 He stayed at the            hotel in town.

34 Today is            than yesterday.

35 They ______ their homework now.

36 What ______ doing at the moment?

37 What            your sister look like?

38 She            jeans to work.

39 They            a taxi to the airport an hour ago.

40 He goes to work            train.

41 Can you tell me the            to the library?

42 You            drive a car in the centre of town. It isn’t allowed.

43 You            to walk, you can take a bus.

44 He            to move to another country.

45 I’m            learn to cook.

46 We walked ten kilometres so we            hungry now.

47 Don't stay up late or you            be tired tomorrow.

48 Let’s            tennis this afternoon.

49 I’ve got a bad headache. I            take an aspirin.

50 I woke up late            I missed my train.

51 Please turn the radio down. It's            .

52 Sorry, I don't understand. Please speak            .

53            you ever flown in a helicopter?

54            make you a coffee?

55 He            climbed a mountain in his life.

56 Our last family celebration            my sister’s wedding.

57 I            London because I got a job there.

58 When did she decide            married?

59 What's the first thing you do when you            work?

60 She's a very busy personal trainer so she            takes a holiday.

61 What            on at the moment?

62 I don’t mind            up sometimes.

63 Are you            the new exhibition at the National Gallery?

64 I            them for dinner at eight tonight.

65 Have you ever            a dangerous sport?

66            wrote the play Hamlet?

67 I            dinner when I heard a strange noise.

68 You            be late for school again.

69 We should avoid            in August.

70 You            wear a suit. It’s a very formal party.

71 He’s studied Spanish            last year.

72 How long have you            him?

73 What's the matter? Have you            a cold?

74 It            rain tomorrow. It’s going to be a very wet day.

75 I            wear a uniform to school.

76 They used to live            Australia

77 There aren’t any cinemas in the town            I live.

78 I travelled around the world for a year            learn about other cultures.

79 He married the girl            used to sit next to him at school.

80 Children spend            hours watching TV.

81 Can I try this coat           , please?

82 I don't have            to do the things I enjoy.

83 It’s            beautiful house I've ever seen.

84 There’s more traffic and            space to walk in the streets nowadays.

85 I think travelling by plane is            easier than travelling by car.

86 She worked as a teacher in            Africa.

87 The phone’s ringing. It            be Maria.
She always calls me at this time.

88 He            to work in his company’s office in Shanghai.

89 I            that I'm like my father.

90 The postmen hasn't delivered the parcel            .

91 My brother            passed his exams.

92 A lot of people think that if they            lots of money, they’ll be very happy.

93 What            happen if he doesn't get here in time?

94 If you save some money, you            to worry any more.

95 He            me my book would be a great success.

96 She told me she            buy me a new one.

97 What would they do if they            have any money?

98 I’d do more exercise if I            time.

99            be possible to reserve a table for tonight?

100 Could you            a good film?

101 He’s French but he            in London at the moment.

102 When            arrive?

103 Who            all this mess?

104 What            of doing now?

105 I            all weekend.

106 We            to work when we heard a loud crash behind us.

107 Have you told them the good news       ?

108            Thai food?

109 They            to take her address so they had to go back and get it.

110 He            there before so he found it very exciting.

111 We            on holiday tomorrow so I hope the weather stays warm.

112 They            to call it at this time of night. It's very late.

113 Do you think they       the championship?

114 The room            look more cheerful if you paint it yellow.

115 He            to win the championship. He’s not playing well enough.

116 People            smoke in public buildings.

117 You            enter the marathon if you don’t want to.

118 I            to find another job. I can’t work with that awful boss any more.

119 I            be very good at sports when I was a teenager.

120 She            in a bank for over twenty years.

121 She is one of            students in her class.

122 These shoes were            expensive than I wanted to pay

123 That shop’s not            it used to be.

124 We            have to leave yet, do we?

125 His father was a famous writer,            ?

126 I can't work if I            very hungry.

127 He won't pass the exam            he studies a lot more.

128 Would you lend me your car if I            to drive it carefully?

129 He            see the film if he went with an adult.

130 If I            you, I’d take it back to the shop.

131 How long have you            the violin?

132 I            listening to jazz music.

133 He            swim when he was five but he can't dive yet.

134 We            to go to the match but we managed to watch it on TV.

135 I’ve just seen            perfect car for you!

136 I didn't know they had a summer cottage            south coast of Spain.

137 They seem to have            money but they don't have many friends.

138 We don't have            time or money to go on holiday.

139 She's the woman            son is a famous pop star.

140 Is that the coat            you said you wanted to buy?

141 I have moved to Devon,            my parents were born.

142 We            arrived on time if the traffic hadn't been so bad.

143 What            if you hadn't been there?

144 They            told what to do yet.

145 The furniture            by her husband, who used to be a carpenter.

146 They didn't want to do it but the boss said they            to.

147 She said she            to do it last weekend.

148 I asked her if she            my new mobile

149 He promised            me decorate my house.

150 Why don’t we            to take them to the airport?

151 What_____after that?

152 Do you mind me asking how old_____?

153 ______ to know what's going on.

154 They _____in a large house for 20 years before moving to a bungalow.

155 Have you heard from your brother ______?

156 I ____for my car keys for half an hour. I think I've lost them!

157 Where are my books? I_____  them on the table last night.

158 Her parents are very proud. She____a fantastic job in a law firm

159 How much do you think he____as director of the company?

160 You____  what to do when you get there.

161 I_____sharing a flat but now I prefer to live on my own.

162 They’ll never get used____ in the countryside.

163 Shops____from 8.30 a.m . until 6 p.m. tomorrow.

164 He_____ hungry when he gets home from football practice.

165 She____ come if you tell her two weeks before.

166 When we walked into the hotel, a log fire____in the fireplace.

167 He____for his plane for an hour when it was suddenly cancelled.

168 My car’s just broken down for the third time. I wish I____it.

169 I didn't feel like going to the party. I_____an excuse.

170 If only_____a foreign language. I didn't have the choice at school.

171 How many people have climbed_____ Mount Everest?

172 The children played in the garden with____dogs.

173 If you lend me €200, I____ you back at the end of the month.

174 If I_____to your proposal, when could we sign the contract?

175 Children under 15 could attend____they were with an adult.